16 thoughts on “Satisfactory Staycation

    1. Thanks to some timely roadworks outside my house, there is still plenty of traffic. Admittedly I’m not in it but we still get to experience some of the pleasures of stationary traffic by looking out of the window…

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  1. What’s sad about this vacation is nobody can come and visit – and that includes my son who lives in NYC! He had Covid in March, a relatively mild case. I know compared to so many, I have nothing to complain about. The world is scary right now. (Sorry about the downer, people.)

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  2. Thats the way to work your way through a ‘vacation’ in these strange days!
    House Of Travel.
    Why roam,
    Stray far away?
    Stay home-
    The misers holiday.
    Ease up,
    Lay back, loafer,
    Knees up
    On the sofa.


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