Best Of 2015

2015 was the year I took the blogosphere by storm. Well, maybe storm is a little excessive. It was really more of a light drizzle. The kind of weather which might necessitate a pac-a-mac, but hardly the kind of situation when you would need a full set of waterproofs. The point is, I started blogging in 2015. I mean on this blog. I had unsuccessfully attempted to blog before on different blogs, but 2015 was when this one started.

I wrote 147 posts in 2015.

They weren’t all great but some of them were adequate.

Here are ten of my favourites:

Breakfast Is BrilliantJames Proclaims (4)15th May 2015
Mug MuggingJames Proclaims (4)16th May 2015
Baking BadJames Proclaims (4)3rd June 2015
The Room is Booked Until TwelveJames Proclaims (10)24th June 2015
All Hail King BromfellJames Proclaims (10)16th July 2015
Alice Accepts Her FateJames Proclaims (10)
23rd July 2015
James Complains About The Complexity Of SoupJames Proclaims (5)9th August 2015
Outstandingly OrdinaryJames Proclaims (8)26th August 2015
The Limerick CodeJames Proclaims (10)5th September 2015
You can tell you were a child of the…James Proclaims (4)8th November 2015
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