Category: Poetry

Chocolate Face

I don’t think about my skin Very often, although it is a colour That has provoked a reaction in others Both negative and at times Patronisingly positive Because my ethnicity might look Like a really nice sun tan But it isn’t a really nice sun tan. Living in a cosmopolitan town or city I am…

Escape Plan

Exhaustion weighs upon my Soul, as if on my head is a Crown of lead And offers of gold seem Preposterous Empty Promises of gifts I’ll never see Lead not gold is my continued reward Although freedom is all I require Neither lead nor gold is desired

A Little Less Perspiration

Oh empty deodorant can Why do you sit there On my bathroom shelf Mocking me with your emptiness? I should have thrown you out Several days ago When first you stopped providing me With forty-eight hour protection

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Early one morning On a high street like any other Before the retail giants had even begun to yawn I saw a man asleep in a doorway In the window of that same establishment A well-known clothing outlet Written in garish pink, were the words ‘Summer Wardrobe Essentials’

More Haste, Less Speed

Welcome back to my regular Monday feature where I publish something that looks like it might be a poem but on closer inspection may not be a poem. Is this a poem? You decide… More Haste, Less Speed “More haste, less speed!” Said the Rabbit This was an odd thing for a rabbit to say,

This Is Not A Poem

I didn’t know what to write today, So I wrote this, And tried to make it look like a poem But it obviously isn’t a poem. Although it may qualify as a poem, In the eyes of some It definitely isn’t a poem, And the word poem is overused In my defence, I’m not that…