What would life be without the pod
From which my coffee doth arrive?
Of all of the cons considered mod
It’s my favourite ogive
For without the pod how could I
Ensure my daily caffeine
Without effort and commitment
Of methods so slow they make me cry?
But I suppose they are still less obscene
Than granules freeze-dried and instant

7 thoughts on “Ode To A Pod From A Coffee Snob

    1. Fancy meeting you here Mr Bryntin. I held back on buying a Keurig pod machine til they went down in price after the initial ‘excitement’. (That is my M.O. Snap up former hot trends, I am wearing Zumba wear as I write this) What? Just press a button for coffee and then throw away yet more plastic? Sign me up! Now our Keurig takes up space on our counter with other, less cool, appliances. We barely use it. Pushing buttons gets old, though it is impossible for me to pass an escalator and push the emergency stop button to let chaos ensue.

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  1. Very funny. My mother brought back some Starbucks instant back from England some years back. Still hasn’t caught on here in Canada, but my wife and I LOVE instant, for the convenience etc. We are a nation of coffee snobs . . .

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