There is no ‘i’ in Teams
Although there is an ‘i’ in time
And when I am in Teams
I often feel like I am stuck in time
Sometimes I’m literally frozen in time
At least that is the impression
I give to others
I wish I were more like ‘i’
And not in Teams
So I could be free
Perchance to Zoom

11 thoughts on “Teams Spirit

  1. Omg it’s such an awful piece of software to use. Had to use it yesterday for the first time – we’ve previously used google meet with no issues. I spent an hour staring at people’s nostrils, which then helpfully froze in close up!! Plus, I have no poker face so I’m not really cut out for video conferencing!

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    1. I’m deliberately using a desktop computer with no webcam so people can’t see my irritation. Not used any others (making my Zoom debut tomorrow) but I hate Teams. Then again I hate meetings so this is really just a new way to hate them…

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  2. I’ve only ever used Zoom for family and friends so I haven’t had any bad experiences. I have plenty of bad experiences with meetings the old fashioned way and know I am not a fan.

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    1. They’re pretty much the same online except even more people talk over each other and you’re never really sure who’s actually there most of the time. There are so many technical failures that even if everything is working fine your at your end, you can leave the meeting, go and make a coffee and rejoin at your leisure without anyone getting suspicious. I quite like that bit of it.


  3. Ah yes. Not Zoom, but Google Meets with my entire class of third graders. We have the freezers, the muted, the eater, the nose pickers, the let me show you my cat/dog/backyard/Grandma/favorite book, the we can only see your forehead-ers, the ones in the dark, the unmuted, and on and on. I love them but it is very much controlled (loosely) chaos. Sounds a bit like your team, but without the you loving them part?

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    1. Haven’t tried with kids yet, some of my colleagues have with mixed results but ours are older than yours so probably slightly less chaotic. We still love them (most of them) but the meetings with adults make me lose the will to live most days.


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