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Morning Is Broken

Gordon took a sip of his lukewarm tea, his fifth cup of the morning, both in terms of volume of tea and indeed receptacles. The previous, now empty, mugs sat on the pine coffee table (bought second-hand from a charity shop and by far the nicest piece of furniture he owned) in front of him,…

Three Wishes

If I had three wishes I’d really like to believe I’d wish for peace on Earth All suffering, I’d relieve But if I’m really honest I doubt that I’d do that I’d wish for a box-set, beer and pizza And spend the evening getting fat


In the post Brexit bewilderment, many people looked to sport to lighten the mood. It’s pretty clear that the UK is currently in a political and economical state of confusion, and while the long term effects of leaving the EU (which we haven’t even begun the process of yet) may not be as bad as…

Beware Of The Kangadog

I haven’t blogged for ten days or so. It’s not been for a lack of inspiration but I’ve been quite busy for the last week and I haven’t had time to write any of my staggeringly brilliant ideas down. I haven’t even had time for my ‘trademark’ bad poetry.

Unprofessional? Moi?

I’m sorry that I didn’t Read that report you wrote In terms of how to spend last night It didn’t get my vote I had a pleasant evening Went to the pub instead Returned home rather drunk And collapsed upon my bed

Having My Cake And Eating It

Why do I avoid The things that are good for me In favour of the things that are bad? I know I’m happier When I’m healthier And usually I’m wealthier Because the bad stuff is more expensive Than the good

Making Merry

“Ok Bazza, it’s your round!” Barry looked at the three-quarters-full pint of warmish lager in front of him. “I don’t really want another drink to be honest,” he replied. “But it’s your round!” Toby remonstrated, aghast at his friend’s poor comprehension of pub etiquette. Barry took a sip of his tepid pilsner, and felt the…