Darth by Chocolate

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I love Star Wars. The Empire Strikes Back is probably my favourite film of all time, but I basically love all of the films, even though I am fully aware that the ‘prequel’ trilogy, particularly ‘The Phantom Menace’ are objectively quite bad. I also love Star Wars Merchandise. I had loads of toys when I was a kid, although at some point during my teenage years, my parents saw fit to give them away to my cousin, possibly robbing me of a nice little ‘resale’ nest egg. Truthfully I probably wouldn’t have sold them and might still secretly play with them today if they hadn’t done that, so maybe they were doing me a favour.

Not that it has stopped me collecting all kinds of crap in my adult life (including some new toys…). Particular favourites are my Jedi Knight dressing gown, a Christmas Jumper on which Darth Vader proclaims to “Find Your Lack of Cheer disturbing”, and a plastic electronic lightsaber bought for me by an aunt who should know better. It lights up and you can choose between red or blue, which means you can choose whether to be a Sith or a Jedi (goodie or baddie to the non-discerning)

Other Star Wars merchandise that I own include an R2D2 eggcup, a Millenium Falcon bottle opener and a Storm Trooper Mug (which looks like a Storm Trooper’s head).

The most recent addition, though sadly already departed, was this awesome Chocolate Bust of Darth Vader, which my darling wife bought for me instead of an Easter Egg.


Easter, was of course, over a month ago, but I have only just gotten around to eating it due to a whole ‘having your hollow milk chocolate decorated figure and eating it’ dilemma. I have now eaten it and thus sadly no longer possess it. It was delicious though.

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  1. January 26, 2016 at 11:45 pm

    Mrs. Proclaims has exquisite taste. Hope you have since enjoyed the most recent cinematic installment from a galaxy far, far away!

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