Do you get really stressed when you’re at the checkout, and always pay with a note, even when you’ve got the exact change in your pocket?

Then these plastic money bags are absolutely essential!


Because inevitably you’re going to have lots of loose change lying around.

And that can be annoying.

Sure you can use a money box. I have a ‘Mr T’ money box to store my loose change. Everyone loves a bit of A-team memorabilia. Also it serves a practical purpose and it’s tasteful and decorative.


But what are you supposed to do when the money box gets full? You can’t try and put more change in ‘Mr T’ than he can hold. He pities the fool who attempts that. And you can’t just buy another money box. I’m not sure if they ever even made ‘George Peppard’ money boxes. It seems unlikely. And as for ‘Dwight Schultz’ and ‘Dirk Benedict’ ceramic currency storage devices – don’t make me laugh!

So you need to do something with that change. And that’s where these money bags come in.

They’re great because they come with clear instructions written on them. So if you’ve got a surplus of pennies, then they tell you that you can put a hundred in and then you’ll have the equivalent of £1 in a handy portable plastic bag. It works for other types of coins too. The instructions couldn’t be clearer. And if you’re tempted to put in mixed coins, like some kind of anarchist, then the bag advises you, very clearly, that that would be unacceptable.

Really, if counting out change accurately in shops is something you can’t manage, these bags are a no-brainer. And don’t try paying your loose change into your bank account without one or several of these bags because you will literally be laughed out of the door.

Obviously these bags are only really any good if, like me, you predominantly use British currency. If you live somewhere else then you’ll need to see if there’s a local equivalent.

I hope for your sake that there is because my life is certainly much more manageable since I bought fifty of these bad boys. I didn’t need fifty. My requirements were more than met by three. I probably could have got that many for free directly from the bank, but I couldn’t be bothered to go all the way into town, when I could just order these on Amazon and have them delivered to my door.

In summarising this review, I’d have liked to have come up with a clever pun about how these bags have changed my life, but in a manner whereby using the word ‘change’ incorporated the double meaning of ‘transformation’ and ‘loose coins’.

But I couldn’t think of one.

8 thoughts on “James Reviews – Fifty plastic money bags

  1. A Mr. T piggy bank? Hilarious. And also, the first time I have heard the term “money box” or seen a plastic money bag. We use coin wrappers in the U.S., which are basically made out of the same type of paper as a brown paper bag.

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    1. Glad it works on an international level – I never really know but I think if I tried to be less British I’d fail miserably. Then again a disproportionate amount of the blogs I’m following seem to be Canadian…

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  2. Well, look at this totally different look to your blog! I like it! Love the bigger, very readable font. Disappointed not seeing myself in “the people who have been here before”… I was here before ;-(

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    1. Glad you like the new look – I can’t control the ‘people who were here before’ bit – it’s completely random. But you’ll definitely appear in it sometimes!


  3. I work an occasional pub shift and I find that there is a direct correlation between people (usually men of a certain age) who fish their coins out of these wee bags and those who then ask you to top up their pint/ complain it isn’t fizzy enough/ return it having drunk two thirds of it saying it tastes ‘funny’… But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence! 😉

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    1. I can assure you that I’m not one of those men. Though I have deduced that we live in the same town so you may well have served me a pint. But I would have paid with a note…


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