I’m often hungry
When I’m bored
And I’m often bored

It’s said that
Only boring people
Get bored

I find that expression
Unhelpful to my plight
And quite boring

I’m not bored
Because I lack
Sufficient things to do

I have lots to do
But though time-consuming
It’s all quite boring

I’m often hungry
When I’m bored
And therefore overweight

But I’m too busy
Being bored
To do anything about it

7 thoughts on “A Really Boring Poem

  1. Definitely a poem today. I tend to eat when I’m bored. The problem is, it’s not because I’m hungry, but because I’m bored. In life I’m not boring though, definitely not boring. Says me. I look the other way to whoever said only boring people get bored. I’m bored of you, whoever you are.

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    1. It’s the kind of thing a teacher would say. I think I might even have said it to some bored kids in my class. when in that particular scenario, it was in fact me who was being boring rather than them…
      In any case, eating is a perfectly valid activity to take away boredom, as long as you’re eating nice stuff like cake!

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    1. I know I should drink more water, but don’t worry I don’t really have a weight ‘problem’ – I am partial to food but I do quite a lot of exercise so it does balance out just about…

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