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Alas Writing 101 has not gone particularly well. It’s the final week and we’re now on Day 16, but somehow I find myself still endeavouring to complete Day 11. I’m a full week behind, and unless I start to post twice daily I’m going to struggle to finish on time.

Which leaves me with a dilemma. Do I break my one and only blogging rule, which is to never post more than once a day in order to finish on time, or do I just accept failure and give up now?

Well neither as it turns out. I’m sticking to my once a day rule and yet I also intend to finish the course, however long it may take.

The irony is that one of the main purposes of Writing 101 is to encourage a blogging habit and to produce content more often, but I have actually managed to write marginally less often over the last couple of weeks than I was achieving before I started the course.

Another irony is that the subject of Day 11’s task for Writing 101 was to produce a post about what I do when I’m taking a well-earned break from my writing.

Clearly, given that I’ve struggled to produce any content for almost a week, I don’t need a break from writing at all. Quite the contrary.

Truthfully I don’t have downtime from writing. Writing is my downtime.

Mostly, when I’m not writing I’m spending time working, or doing household chores. I don’t lead an especially exciting life. Which is by no means a complaint. I have no desire to lead an exciting life. I suspect exciting lives are overrated and I could do without the stress.

But if you must know (and if you’re reading this then you must), then when I am able to extract a moment from my busy schedule I like to do the following (in no particular order)

  1. Cooking (and then eating said cooking)
  2. Reading novels
  3. Watching films
  4. Falling asleep on the sofa
  5. Drinking coffee
  6. Drinking beer with friends
  7. Drinking beer alone
  8. Drinking wine (alone or with friends)
  9. Eating cheese
  10. Eating ice cream
  11. Running slowly in mass participation events.
  12. Supporting the Welsh rugby team, which from my childhood until 2004 was a mostly painful experience but since 2005 has been significantly more fulfilling and reached a crescendo of joy on Saturday night (a night I also indulged in number 7 on this list).
  13. Being a bit sarcastic
  14. Procrastinating

Some people might say that I’m a little on the shallow side.

But I have hidden depths.

I just can’t remember where I hid them.

13 thoughts on “I’m sure this post is about something but I couldn’t tell you what….

  1. Perhaps writing courses are overrated and you are doing just fine without ’em. As for your list, take out #6,11 & 12 and it looks scarily similar to mine. (I currently have very few friends here to drink beer with, don’t like running with others and have little interest in games with funny shaped balls. Or ball-shaped balls come to think of it)

    As for the depths, I like to think I have hidden shallows..

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  2. I think you have to change your story. I only do the assignments I am interested in doing. If the others don’t speak to me, I am not inclined to finish them. This does not make me a failure! It makes me human.

    Or break your rule and write two in one day. Either way, you are doing it right!

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  3. Procrastinating isn’t always the negative it’s made out to be.
    I write because I want to, and sometimes just to see if I can.
    And if I just don’t want to (for various and sundry reasons), then I don’t.
    I’m a grown-up and I don’t have to be accountable to others.
    There – my own personal declaration of liberty.
    (If it makes you feel any better, visualize a small tantrum inclined child sticking out a pouty tongue.)

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  4. Don’t worry, I’m also way too late in some tasks of writing 101, the thing I have a hectic schedule.
    If you don’t like an assignment then simply don’t do it, you are not obliged, you can create something on your own


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