James Proclaims (4)

If I can get to the weekend then it will all be ok.

Coffee will help.

Alcohol will not help, which is a shame because I really feel like a nice cold beer right now. Or a nice glass of Chateau Neuf du Pape.

Or that really cheap cider that I got drunk on that time when I was sixteen.

But coffee will do.

As long as it’s good coffee.

I’ve really become a coffee snob and it’s making me quite antisocial at work. One of the few occasions teachers get to talk to other adults is break times and lunchtimes when we normally head to a communal staff area and drink hot beverages together.

I don’t do this anymore though, because the standard of the coffee is just so bad that I’ve started bringing in my own in a thermos.

It’s much nicer, but without the need to go looking for a kettle and thus other adult contact, I tend to just hide in my classroom.

Does it say something about me as a person that I value coffee over social interaction?

Because I absolutely stand by that position.

13 thoughts on “Coffee versus People

  1. This was a hard post for me to read. I just found out that I have to cut caffeine out of my diet for medical reasons. And I DEFINITELY value coffee over social interaction. Guess you can just have too much of a good thing…

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  2. A perfectly understandable choice. Some (me) would argue everyone should model their lives this way.
    If I was the kind who wrote long, heartfelt love letters, they would all be to coffee. The nectar of the Gods

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    1. It makes me a little sad that you’ve joined us coffeealohics so young. But I started drinking coffee as a preteen and I can’t say I’ve had any regrets. Except for that brief period of drinking decaff in an attempt to sleep better. It kind of worked, but I missed the buzz that only a combination of caffeine and sleep deprivation can give you…

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      1. I’ve been living off of that buzz for about a month now. Thankfully all that will end next week.
        That is of course until I go back to regular school a few days later. But no regrets, yes.

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