James Proclaims (4)

Sometimes people that I know will refer to something I’ve written on these pages. It always takes me by surprise. I do know people read this and indeed I actively encourage it. These are not my innermost private thoughts. Generally not much thought goes into anything I write, (except when I make the poems rhyme obviously) and there is certainly nothing secret about any of this.

Nonetheless when someone in the real world tells me that they read my blog I find it genuinely gratifying. I do encourage my friends and family to read this stuff but I don’t actually expect them to. So it is pleasing to find out, on occasion, that some of them do.

But while that kind of  feedback is good for my fragile ego, it is nowhere near enough to satisfy my inner narcissist.

Which is why the Blogosphere is so brilliant. Every time I post something I get instant feedback from my fellow bloggers. And it’s always positive because bloggers are, in my admittedly limited experience, all lovely supportive people.

So on this day, when I have to write about something beginning with the letter ‘B’, I give you the Blogosphere.

And given that it’s my birthday in two days and birthday begins with a ‘B’, I’ve done very well not to write about that.

Except in that last sentence obviously.

So go and celebrate the mighty Blogosphere by reading some other blogs. There’s a list of some good ones in my sidebar under the cleverly titled ‘Some Other Blogs What I Like’ bit.

But come back on Monday obviously and wish me a Happy Birthday.

And marvel at how I’ve tackled the letter ‘C’ in the A to Z blogging Challenge.

15 thoughts on “B Is For Blogosphere

  1. Awww, they are a lovely lot, the blogosphere peeps, I totally agree. I wouldn’t have kept it up as long either if it wasn’t for the interaction.
    Incidentally, your blog is one month older than mine and as you’re a fellow Aries (happy birthday for tomorrow!) then I think it’s a double achievement as we Aries are apparently great at starting things but never finishing. And we all know how scientifically accurate stars signs are… 😉

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      1. I like to think we’re pioneers, forging ahead with our ideas whilst others pick up the boring bits. Or volcanoes that blow up, leaving others to clear up the mess… I know which my other half would label me as! Good luck with the blogging. 🙂

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  2. It’s such a coincidence that my feelings about readership are quite the same as yours! Nothing on my blog is a huge secret, and I don’t publicise it too much but it always takes me by surprise when my friends show up on it! 🙂 Look forward to the rest of your posts and happy birthday in advance! 🙂 Dropping by from https://sujataravi6.wordpress.com/ for the A-Z Challenge!

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  3. Happy birthday 😀 to start a blog was,probably,one of the best ideas I’ve ever had! I dont know,where the journey goes,but i’m enjoying it,thanks to the amazing people I’ve met on here😀 Good Luck with the challenge

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