Q Is For Queen

James Proclaims (4)

cooltext178332954080532Q is for queen.

There are four of them in a pack of playing cards.

There was a band called Queen. They had a few hits. Bohemian Rhapsody was quite popular.

The British head of state is a queen.  People call her The Queen. It’s her birthday tomorrow. She turns ninety  apparently.

It was also my birthday this month.

I don’t  recall there being quite so much fuss.

Admittedly I’m not ninety.

I’m quite a lot younger.

That’ll be why there was less fuss.

The Queen turns ninety tomorrow and we’ll be having cake in work.

Which is nice but we usually have cake on a Thursday so there is perhaps less reason to be excited than you might imagine.

I don’t really care that it’s The Queen’s birthday tomorrow but today I need to write about something beginning with ‘q’.

The word ‘queen’ begins with a ‘q’.

So I wrote this.



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