The Night Knight Rises

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It’s been something like six and half weeks since I last blogged.

Which is quite a long time.

The longest I’ve ever gone AWOL from this blog before was around three weeks.
Weirdly it was around this time last year.

October, as it turns out, is not a strong blogging month for me.

I could offer some rubbish excuse about how I’ve been really busy and there’s been lot of pressure at work and I’ve also been busy working on my MA. But that would be based on the assumption that anyone reading this cares about the dull realities of my everyday life.

Which maybe people do.

But the point of this blog is not to moan about the mundane.

Except when it comes to soup.

And the etiquette of waving when on a boat.

And buying trousers online.

No, aside from those exceptions, this blog is about exciting things like
Drumstick Pencils, Sudoku themed toilet paper and Kangadogs.
So yeah, I’ve been busy with boring stuff like work and study and that has left little time for blogging.

But I haven’t entirely wasted the last six and half weeks by being studious and professional.

I’ve done other stuff.

Like composting.

I’m big on composting now. If something’s compostable then I add it to the pile. And it’s amazing what can be composted. Egg shells? Superb. Toenails? Absolutely. Red wine? If there was ever any left…

Also I’ve been getting fit. I can do loads of press ups now. I’m seriously thinking of becoming a masked vigilante. (I’m no Batman, but I live in quite a middle class area so I’d probably be ok if I don’t travel too far.) Ultimately I’ve decided against the idea because I can’t think of a suitable superhero name. ‘James’ doesn’t cut it really and my other idea, ‘The Proclaimer’, is more indicative of an eighties Scottish pop star who’s fallen out with his brother than a man delivering his own brand of justice under the cover of night. I did think of ripping off one of Batman’s pseudonyms and going with something not dissimilar to ‘The Dark Knight’. My version – ‘The Night Knight’ – didn’t sound as menacing as I’d hoped it would.

So I won’t be a superhero but I have still been heroic in a domestic sense. I replaced a dripping tap in the kitchen and I’ve tidied the room that doubles as my home office and the would-be guest room (if Mrs Proclaims and I were more sociable and actually encouraged people to visit us.)

To understand what a huge achievement that is, you would really need to see how bad it was before I tidied it. Perhaps I should have provided ‘before and after’ photos. But I haven’t so you’ll just have to use your imagination.
Anyway, all that being said the main point of this post is to announce my return to the blogosphere.

I’m back!

Which is genuinely wonderful news if you think about it.

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  1. Stoeffler
    November 1, 2016 at 8:35 am

    Good stuff!
    Glad to see the blogging will resume 🙂

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