My Incredibly Realistic And Achievable Goals For 2017

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Well here we are in 2017.

Lots of people are glad to see the back of 2016 but I think it’s a little harsh to blame a specific period of time for all the ill that happened during said period of time.

Although the legacy of many of the events that occurred in 2016 should ensure that 2017 is also a pretty awful year, so maybe hating 2016 is justifiable.

Anyway it is a new year and therefore time to make some resolutions about how I will make ‘me’ a ‘better me’ over the next twelve months.
I didn’t take the concept of resolutions overly seriously last year and consequently achieved none of my goals for 2016.

But then, as has already been discussed, 2016 was a dreadful year so it’s hardly my fault.

Much as it won’t be my fault when I don’t succeed this year.

Nonetheless convention dictates that I must resolve to change so resolve to change I will.

In no particular order then, here are my resolutions for 2017:

1. Become stupidly rich.

I don’t care how it happens – I can finally get around to writing that international bestseller, or I can win the lottery. But 2017 is finally going to be the year that I stop having to go to work every day (like a chump) and start living the life of extravagance and excess that I feel I deserve.

2. Become a superhero.

I’m not fussed if it’s through some sort of industrial accident that gives me superpowers or just as a result of becoming super-rich (see above) and therefore having lots of cool gadgets and stuff but it’s about time I became some kind of a masked vigilante and fought crime. The world needs me to do this.

3. Reinvent the wheel

I know everyone says there’s no point but has anyone really tried?

4. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Just need to find someone with the same size feet as me. Preferably someone who doesn’t mind lending me their shoes, although, if it comes to it, I’m not ruling out theft.

5. To boldly go where I’ve never been before.

Or watch every episode of all of the Star Trek TV shows and then watch all the films too. People often assume I’m into Star trek because I’m into other stuff of a similar genre, but aside from the recent films I haven’t ever watched much Star Trek. I vaguely remember liking the original series as a kid though, so maybe it’s time I caught up.

Ok that’s all of them. Five seems like enough. Will I achieve any of them? Who knows? Frankly who cares?

One thing that is fairly likely is that I will blog again this year. Maybe even this month.

Which is something to look forward to is it not?

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