It was almost daylight
As I drove to work this morning
Almost a reason to be cheerful
And almost optimistic
About the fact that winter
Is almost over
In a few weeks I’ll be waking up to sunshine
To longer days
To vitamin D
But my inner pessimist
Couldn’t help but point out
That I’ll no longer be able
To blame my bad moods
On Seasonal Affective Disorder
And I may have to acknowledge
That I am, in fact, at times
Just a bit grumpy

4 thoughts on “Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud

    1. For some reason I feel the need to comment on all poems in poem form, even if it’s just a limerick… I loved this one and it’s true that once the clouds lift we’ll have to find something else to blame the grouch on. In Ireland people tend to swing between complaining about the bad weather to complaining about excessive heat on the one day of the year the temperature rises over 15 degrees. There’s no happy medium.

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