Sometimes, when I can’t think of anything to write about, I write about the fact that I can’t think of anything to write about. It’s a little self-contradictory but it solves a problem.

Equally, when I don’t really have time to write anything, I occasionally write about the fact that I haven’t got time to write anything, even though by writing about a lack of time to write anything, I am proving that I did have time to write something. Albeit something pointless.

The other solution would be to write nothing.

Which may be preferable in the short term but writing nothing on one occasion often leads to a longer-term scenario in which I write nothing for weeks on end.

Which is bad for me.

It may be less bad for you.

But this blog is an entirely self-indulgent affair, for the most part, so ‘bad-for-me’ is undesirable.

Then again, at the moment, I really am quite busy and being busy seems like a state of affairs which is likely to continue indefinitely.

Which means this blog is likely to take a ‘back seat’ unless I can think of a solution.

And one solution is to write shorter posts.

About not very much.

As opposed to long posts about not very much, which is my usual modus operandi.

So that’s probably what I’m going to do for a while.

Write short posts about not very much.

Like this one.

But maybe I’ll aim to make them better than this one.

Although they probably won’t be much better than this if I’m honest.

10 thoughts on “Less Is More. More Or Less.

  1. By breaking them apart line by line you really (visually) seem a lot longer, so well done on the optical illusion! Also, it’s definitely preferable for me as a reader that you write short posts about not very much than no posts for extended periods of time. Jamesdrought is always a bit of a bummer.

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    1. I learnt that trick in university. I always struggled for word count on my essays so I used the biggest font permissible and generous spacing to make the essays seem longer than they were. To be fair I think the people marking them were always grateful for my brevity – there was an unspoken agreement that I wouldn’t waste too much of their time with my inadequate grasp of the subject and they, in turn, would award me an unspectacular passing grade…


  2. Hey James you are going backwards through the alphabet. Last time it was M now it begins with L & M. Not sure if you meant it that way, but looks very good to me. Anyway, short or long, keep going you have a few fans here.

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  3. I like this post – except it won’t let me. I’m stuck in a perpetual cycle of opening a new page that then disappears. That was far more explanation than saying I liked your post warranted but then at least it’s another two minutes I can say I’ve actually written something, albeit on someone else’s blog, rather than mine!


  4. I’ve always heard that when you have an idea to write it down on anything, toilet tissue, gum wrapper, cash register receipt, whatever is handy — before you forget. The downside is you have to remember to take the scraps of paper out of your pockets before doing laundry and keep them near your computer. What I usually do when I can’t think of anything is write about cats. I have a lot of cat stories. 🙂

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