Today is Beaujolais Nouveau Day.

It’s a day when the wine makers of the Beaujolais region in France would like you to sample their latest ‘vin de primeur’ or ‘vin de l’année’.

A ‘vin de primeur’ is a wine that is meant to be drunk the year it was produced. It’s not going to improve with age – today is as good as it’s ever going to get.

If you’re not a wine connoisseur, a Beaujolais Nouveau is a great place to start your journey to pretentious wine snobbery (a place I like to call home) because it’s quite easy on the palate.

If you are a pretentious wine snob, then Beaujolais Nouveau is still a bit of fun.

When I lived in Paris, back in my mid-twenties (which is now a scarily long time ago) Beaujolais Nouveau Day was kind of a big deal.

Of course, it’s just a ‘made-up’ day driven by commercial reasons to sell lots of wine.

But on the plus side it’s a day when we’re all encouraged to drink lots of wine.

Regardless of whatever else we might have planned that day.

If you have a job interview, will be driving a heavy goods vehicle, or like me, you’re teaching secondary-aged children to speak French, you should plan to do so under the influence of Beaujolais Nouveau*.



*All of those things are bad ideas. Don’t do them. Even though, in the case of the French lesson, it could be argued that it’s culturally relevant…

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