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It’s been a while since I last blogged. Possibly that is due to a certain amount of blogging fatigue accrued during the ‘200 posts in 200 days’ marathon of blogging that preceded this latest hiatus.

Or possibly I had nothing to say.

Then again, having nothing to say has never been a particular barrier before.

So maybe it was blogging fatigue after all.

Anyway, I appear to have been inspired to post something today.

I’m not sure why.

Perhaps it’s the fact that the World Cup started today.

I always enjoy the World Cup, although I’m not entirely sure why. I wouldn’t class myself as an aficionado of football, or sport in general for that matter. I’m definitely something of an armchair fan though.

I’ve always been a big fan of armchairs.

But I do like watching sport a bit, even though I play very little sport.

The World Cup has attracted some controversy this year, what with it being hosted in Russia, a country with a questionable human rights record.

I’m currently watching the opening game. Russia are playing Saudi Arabia, a country with a questionable human rights record.

It’s hard to know who to support really.

Then again, that sentiment could be applied to the whole tournament.

My own beloved Wales will not be there, having failed to qualify, which is not an unusual state of affairs.

I usually default to supporting England, but they never do that well either.

To be honest though, I generally enjoy watching all the matches, regardless of who is playing.

Mrs Proclaims does not share my enthusiasm.

In that regard we very much conform to stereotype.

I’d like to think that in other ways we don’t, but I’m struggling to come up with any good examples of us defying stereotypes.

It’s probably because I’m watching the football.



14 thoughts on “It’s All Kicking Off

  1. Nice to see you again in my mailbox, James. Now get out, that’s a federal crime round these parts.

    I love all the pageantry and drinkingtry (a word I made up) that is part and parcel of the Cup. I will be supporting England (for my sins, I am half English), but, like you, enjoy any game at that level. Especially on a big screen, with partisan fans screaming all around.

    We here in Canada are happy to hear that we will be hosting the World Cup in, er… 2023 or so, might be wrong on the year. Oops, did some mental math – 2024! Sadly, no games in Vancouver – Montreal and Toronto I believe.

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    1. I think you’ll have to wait a little longer – 2026 is the year. But I might need to prepare the ground with my other half cos I’m thinking a trip to Canada might be on the cards that year…

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  2. I like Wales as well, I think it’s something to do with them not being England or Scotland. Or anyone else I suppose. It’s a Celtic brother thing with the Cornish. We don’t have a recognised nation or a national team though. I suppose the Scots are technically brothers as well but they live too far away to be real brothers.
    Glad to find you have typed some words again.

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  3. I have no interest in football and am barely aware, but if I was aware enough to care, I’d probably support Iceland, because if you substitute the ‘c’ for an ‘r’, you’d get Ireland. Then again, I don’t much care if Ireland wins the sports either. I do like watching the cat chase paper aeroplanes around though, so I suppose that’s something, possibly.

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