Though it is accepted wisdom
To equate success to fame
I’m really not that sorry
That nobody knows my name

Yes, I’m glad that I’m not famous
I’m happily unknown
Anonymity quite suits me
I’m sure I’m not alone

Of course, I would admit that
Fame might well have the odd perk
Being wealthy would be nice
I could probably give up work

But celebrities are different
To the likes of you and I
And I couldn’t do what they do
However hard I try

I don’t have the right conviction
Perhaps I’m out of sync
But I wouldn’t be much good
At telling others what to think

No fame is really not about
The composition or the art
It’s about which celebrity can prove
That they have the biggest heart

And there is no room for nuance
No time for quality debate
Celebs just need to tell us plebs
What to love and who to hate


18 thoughts on “Opinion Piece

    1. It’s a rite of passage thing, at various stages of your life you have epiphanies. Your parents are usually the first to fall from grace but the older you get the more your realise that very few people are worth listening to (and actually maybe your parents weren’t that bad after all…)

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    2. Incidentally I appear to have accidently stopped following you some time ago. I didn’t mean to and I just assumed you hadn’t been writing much lately. I’ve clearly got some catching up to do…

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  1. Don’t worry James – I find that myself with WordPress.
    I woke up one day and realize someone who I’ve been following for a while because I liked their content and writing style has stopped writing. Then I discover infact they haven’t stopped writing but it’s me who’s stopped following them – somehow without ever actually activating the UNFOLLOW option.
    That crazy WordPress!
    Strange but true.

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  2. I was once featured on WordPress Discover (the photo blog) and overnight went from about 20 views of my blog a week to about 1500 in a few hours the morning it came out… It scared me and screwed me right up and it’s not even really ‘fame’, so I’m happy with the more modest life and following now it’s all settled down again thank you.
    PS: I didn’t tell visitors what to think so maybe I need about a million more followers before that happens.

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