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Hello, I’m James and you are currently reading my latest post on a blog that I like to call ‘James Proclaims’. There’s a chance that you already know this of course and that you came here to sample my latest offering because you generally find my output tolerable. However, if you’ve stumbled here by accidently clicking on the wrong link or some other internet-related mishap (we’ve all been there), then I still want you to feel welcome and appreciated. We at ‘James Proclaims’ value all of our visitors, regardless of the circumstances that led to them finding themselves here. And by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’. I sometimes like to pretend this is a team effort, but it isn’t. This blog is entirely my fault and my fault alone.

There is, of course, a chance that you’re reading this on the basis that you were enticed by the ‘click-bait’ title I decided to give this post. If that is the case then I’m genuinely sorry. It wasn’t my intention to mislead you (well it was, but only in a misguided attempt at humour). In all honesty, there is very little chance that continuing to read this post will help you to get more people to follow you on whatever social media platform you’re currently operating on.

Because I don’t know how to do that.

Certainly not in three simple steps.

I don’t have that many followers.

Actually, at the time of writing I do notionally have something like 850 followers. Some bloggers would consider that a lot, while others would look on me with condescending pity as they bask in the glory of having thousands of followers.

850 is fine with me. It would be even better if there really were 850 people regularly reading my posts.

There are not. I think there are reliably about twenty people worldwide who actually read most of what I write and then maybe another twenty or so people who occasionally read what I write. I could be wrong. There could be more than that, there could actually be far far fewer than that.

The other 810(ish) followers either consist of people who did used to read my blog but haven’t for a while, other bloggers who followed me despite having no interest in my blog, solely in the hope that I would follow them back (I’m sorry to disappoint those people but I tend not to do that, although they aren’t actually reading this so it’s probably a redundant statement to make) and quite a lot of my followers are what we in ‘the business’ like to call ‘bots’. I don’t know what a bot is, but I do know that if I write about specific topics, things that normal people write about like health and/or fitness, then the bots go crazy for it. When I write about ducks and puddles, the bots seem less interested.

Anyway, the point to all of this, if indeed there is a point, is that in the month that has just gone, the month in question being June in the year 2020, my blog has enjoyed something of an upturn in fortunes. It was, statistically speaking, the most fruitful month I’ve ever had based on all of the different criteria that WordPress uses to measure the success of my blog. I had more visitors, more ‘likes’ and more comments on my posts in June than in any other month since I started blogging, way back in May 2015. And while you might expect a blog to get more successful over time, that generally isn’t how things have gone for me. My stats for June 2020 eclipse every other month by a considerable margin. The only month that comes close is August 2015 and that has always been an outlier, a beacon of shame if you will, reminding me that every other month has been a spectacular failure by comparison.

There are some factors which may have helped June, not least the fact that I’ve been producing content on a much more regular basis than I have in the past, but as this is my hundredth post in as many days, one might wonder why I didn’t enjoy a similar upturn in fortunes in April and May. Ok, May could be explained by the fact that I wrote exclusively about Star Wars for thirty-one consecutive days and April was fairly niche too because I mostly wrote about 90s indie music. But I’ve had blogging streaks before and they’ve never resulted in a massive increase in my blogging stats. Perhaps the pandemic has meant more people have time to read blogs. Maybe my particular brand of ‘whatever-it-is-I-actually-do’ has been more appealing during these coronatimes than it was when there wasn’t a world-wide health crisis.

Or maybe, somehow, I have finally nailed the art of blogging and June 2020 was the beginning of my humble little online journal joining the stratosphere of the ‘superblogs’. Maybe this time next year I’ll have 8000 followers rather than just 850.

It seems unlikely. But, while I’d like to pretend that I don’t care about things like ‘numbers of followers’ and ‘likes’ and that I’m really too cool for all of that, there is a part of me that has enjoyed this last month.

And I’d like it to continue for a bit longer.

So, I thought I’d get my July blogging stats off to a good start by writing a post with an obvious clickbait title.

Just to see how many more of the bots I could reel in.

61 thoughts on “Massively Increase Your Followers In Three Simple Steps

  1. I also find that on days when I don’t post, I see a handful of views. But that just says that the notification window is the main driver. All this effort we put in allowing people to navigate through our old posts, and it is all in vain. I tend to ignore new followers until they interact, and then I’ll check them out. I saw early on that a lot of followers are spammy, so it is pinch of salt stuff.

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    1. When I first started blogging new ‘followers’ were quite exciting butI soon realised that they mostly weren’t reading anything. Interaction is the key. Most of the WordPress metrics are misleading but comments normally (not always) mean that someone has read the post. ‘Likes’ can be misleading but I think you can probably count on a reasonable percentage being genuine.

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  2. Ditto, I do the same. As you know people come they click ‘like’ they may click again once or twice and if you don’t slavishly respond to their offerings you are left, never to be liked again. Some -Vitamin junkies, try-hard Dale Carnegie self -helpers (and I mean that in the singular self-serving way) you usually just consider spam. When you are a niche blogger you won’t ever get a bunch of followers. Believe me. I look at anyone who puts down a real live human ‘like’ as a bonus.

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  3. I fancy getting my follower numbers back up so I might write about investing in slimming soon, or at least tag my posts to give that impression for the bots.

    I think I also might have written a post called ‘How to be a successful blogger’ somewhere myself and quite typically talked myself out of really being that bothered, or even umm.. successfully defining a ‘successful blogger’ as I wrote it.
    I have said to myself this time round that I need just enough real followers to reassure me I’m not entirely talking to myself. Early days but the current three are very much appreciated and are unknowingly performing this important service.

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  4. Well I opened the post, so you got me, but I read on cause it was good! It is for sure a huge difference, people following your blog, and people actually reading it, commenting and liking, etc. Nowhere near most of my so-called followers read my stuff, or correspond. So it is pretty meaningless. But it’s down to quality of interaction, I feel,, and those that do interact make it worthwhile. Cheers

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  5. I zap my bot followers every single day. I zap business followers all week long. If I didn’t consistently delete them, my follower list would be considerably larger. But you have to be a real person, preferably human, with a real blog to make the cut.
    As for spiking stats I never understand it. I had my best day ever last month with a definite increase in views during a six day period. Then, bam. Back to normal. My blogs are all drivel, so I have no reasonable answer.

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    1. Amusing drivel to be fair. And you put way more effort into managing your followers than I do. I’m more than happy to try and cater to the bot audience, but I’m not sure if they’re getting anything out of it really

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  6. I have a little more than 400 followers, with a consistent maximum of around 45 reads for any blog post, usually the Sunday ones where I shout out a lot of other people.

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    1. That’s a pretty good percentage return. But you are a community-minded blogger and your shout outs are always appreciated – not just because I’ve made the cut on occasion but also because it’s quite helpful to have suggestions when it comes to other blogs. I’m quite lazy when it comes to following other people so I like it when someone has done most of the work for me.

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  7. They tell us not to worry about the stats but it’s not easy to avoid them, is it? I just post what and when I feel, and it’s always good to get some feedback to know that my pearls of wisdom aren’t being cast into a void. I’m one of your newer readers, having returned the compliment of your following my blog, and I’m enjoying what I’m reading here.

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    1. The stats are mostly misleading but they’re harmless if you understand that. Genuine comments and even ‘likes’ from bloggers I like are always good for the self-esteem though.

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  8. Well, sir, I don’t really remember how I came upon your blog anymore but I liked it and here I am. I agree with you about the whole followers thing and I have written about it in the past. In fact, I have a post in my drafts folder set for Friday about something similar.

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    1. I will be sure to check it out and to ensure I do I have rectified the obvious oversight of not following you. I assumed that I was, in fact, following you and that you just didn’t blog all that often…

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      1. Pretty hard to make every post a winner when you post every day – as I’ve been demonstrating for the last three months. But it’s rewarding on a different level. Anyway you can count on more regular visits from me from this day forth

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  9. I love a good clickbait title, well done. Keep up the good blogging. Just imagine what your stats will be after All-Dressed chips enter your life! Okay, there might not be a correlation between the two, but maybe there will be!

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    1. Congrats on securing the vitamin market – I’ve never managed to make any great inroads there. Real estate on the other hand – that’s a sector that can’t get enough of my blog…

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      1. This discussion is hilarious – and soooooo true!
        Handmade Thai Fabrics – Spiritual Healers (run a mile!) – Marketing Tips – and yes the Slimming Products people all seem tokenistically ‘interested’ in arts-talk blogs for some reason I’ve never been able to fathom.

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      2. This week’s ‘Dog’ post and last week’s ‘Cat’ post (which were essentially crude drawings of a cat and a dog) appear to have opened up the lucrative pet care markets for me…

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  10. I actually did enjoy your post, James, and it inspired me to shamelessly push my own blog and try lure your readers to my blog. James does read my blog, people! I write children’s poems that do make people smile, and according to James, sometimes laugh out loud! I also draw little illustrations, something I have just started doing. I post on Tuesdays and Fridays as everyone needs a regular giggle during this rotten pandemic. If you want to make me happy, along with yourself, you’ll become a follower. I only have 12. I’m just new at this as I started it a few months ago and I’m hoping that 12 is a respectable number at this point. Anyway, clearly I have no pride as this is beginning to sound like begging. I would love to have you visit. thelonelymeatball.ca Thank you for inspiring me, James.

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    1. Nothing wrong with a bit of shameless self-promotion. Your content speaks for itself, it really is great, and you will pick up plenty of genuine followers I’m sure. And probably a few bots too…


  11. Love this… and you got me there. The title reminded me of those new “followers” with innocuous-sounding names whose one and only post is to try to tell you how to gain new followers.

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    1. We’ve all had those ‘followers’. You have to admire their persistence. And I’m glad I ‘got you’ in the nicest possible way because you stayed and commented 🙂


  12. I agree the number of followers doesn’t matter. Even if you have a fistful of dedicated followers reading your words, it weighs more than having thousands of superficial followers in your kitty!
    Btw, you have an amazing blog! I came across it accidentally and now I can’t stop revisiting whenever I get time! Great job! 🙂

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  13. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years. When I first created my blog back in May 2010 IMHO there was more a sense of community. WordPress also had community blogging events such as the weekly photo challenge, or post a day/post a week. They also had writing challenges and a weekly post called the ‘Community Pool’ where we helped new bloggers. Sigh …. I lost interest for about three years as I became involved with running a website with over a million visits a month …(writingforums.com). When i returned to my fun blog the community had changed and it became more about making money from your blog. Nope … my blog is for fun. Son hence ‘other bloggers who followed me despite having no interest in my blog, solely in the hope that I would follow them back’ that’s why these guys want your follows.

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    1. WordPress did used to be more community orientated even when I first started, which was a mere five years ago. There’s still a community spirit out there but it’s harder to find than it once was.

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