Best Of 2016

2016 was very much my ‘difficult second year’ as far as blogging went. After quite a promising start in 2015, my readers seemed to abandon me for several months in 2016, which I later found out was due to a technical glitch that meant that anyone who was following me via the ‘WordPress’ reader, couldn’t actually see my posts.

Also, I had a new job, which might have distracted me a little from blogging.

Also, the novelty of having a blog did wear off and it seemed a bit more effort than it previously had.

Nonetheless I did write 104 posts. Which is not nothing.

Here are ten of my favourites:

A Tale Of Bowie, Gatecrashers And Too Much VodkaJames Proclaims (4)11th January 2016
Going With The FlowJames Proclaims (4)22nd January 2016
An Undertaking Of SortsJames Proclaims (4)7th March 2016
A Man Most ModestJames Proclaims (8)29th March 2016
James Complains About People Who Complain About StuffJames Proclaims (5)2nd May 2016
The Time I Got Locked In The ToiletJames Proclaims (4)12th May 2016
Badge Of HonourJames Proclaims (4)26th July 2016
James Complains About HolidaysJames Proclaims (5)10th August 2016
James Reviews ‘The Rentokil Advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker’James Proclaims (6)17th August 2016
Memories Of 2012James Proclaims (4)20th August 2016
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