Best of 2020

After an abysmal 2019, 2020 began with a consistent, if unspectacular, return to something resembling a blogging habit, at least for January. By February I had once again managed to disappear from the blogosphere for a few weeks and ‘James Proclaims’ looked to be dying a slow and painful death.

Then a certain pandemic happened and all bets were off.

2020 might have been a dreadful year by most measures, but in blogging terms it was my best ever in terms of output and included the ridiculous month when I wrote about nothing but Star Wars. Admittedly that was not the most popular month, statistically speaking.

In 2020 I wrote 293 posts. Here are ten of my favourites:

Pandemical PositivesJames Proclaims (4)29th March 2020
Cautionary TalesJames Proclaims (4)30th March 2020
An Overly Long Post About An Underwhelming Return To Running After Quite A Few Years Of Not RunningJames Proclaims (4)16th June 2020
James Complains About Seven Delicious BiscuitsJames Proclaims (5)7th July 2020
The Tragic Tale Of DipsyJames Proclaims (4)11th August 2020
The Adequate Blogger AwardJames Proclaims (4)18th August 2020
Exclusive! An Interview With James ProclaimsJames Proclaims (4)8th September 2020
A Poem About How To Rhyme When Writing A PoemJames Proclaims (8)23rd September 2020
James Complains About A Man Buying Potatoes (But Not Specifically Because He Was Buying Potatoes)James Proclaims (5)13th October 2020
A Poem About Healthy EatingJames Proclaims (8)17th October 2020
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