James Proclaims (6)

Hello dear readers!

There has been talk of late about the tagline of this blog. Most of this talk has come from me. It’s of little interest to the vast majority of people.

Nonetheless, the ‘catchiness’ of the tagline has been brought into question. The current tagline is:

The irreverent and irrelevant ramblings
of a man who hasn’t really got anything to say,
but is going to say it anyway…’

It could be argued that it is a little on the ‘wordy’ side. Also the word ‘irreverent’ seems to be causing difficulties and some people seem to think I’ve just said ‘irrelevant’ twice. On reflection I can see how that is an issue in a sentence that is supposed to be catchy and memorable…

On the other hand some people love it. For some people it’s entirely the best thing about the blog. Frankly it’s the only reason they come back. They certainly aren’t coming back for the poetry…

Anyway, in order to maintain the illusion that this is some kind of democracy I’ve created a poll so that you – the readers of ‘James Proclaims’ – can have your say.

I’ve come up with two viable alternatives, but if you love the incumbent phrase you can also vote for that.

If you hate all of them, but think you can come up with something better, then why not write that in the box which says ‘other’?

I’m aware that this is a decision that is going to be quite emotional for some of you, but it’s important that we get this right.

The future of the human race may just depend on this

So vote now!

Or don’t if you don’t want to…

37 thoughts on “‘James Proclaims’ Needs You!

  1. Hmm, well, as a fan of the succinctly meaningful; I think a shorter tagline is a good idea. Is the poll somewhere else? I can’t see an obvious thingy to click on, but then I’m only on my first coffee.

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  2. Morning 101 classmate & wife. Sticking with C, comes across as the catchiest tag line. Following you as part of today’s task too…. hello neighbour!

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  3. There for a minute I thought you had made one of those online polls that gives you a graph at the end, I was beginning to be quite envious. As you admit to being rambling and are obviously not a great rule follower, I think your tagline should stay as it is. I wonder if the length affects the seo though?

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  4. Personally, I feel that your current tagline is fine. It is what it is!–Kind of like why I love Gustave Courbet’s painting ‘The Origin of the World”–because it is what it is! If you are going to change it at all (I couldn’t find where to vote, so maybe you actually have what I’m going to write as an option. I would just take out the irrerverant and irrelevant. Ramblings are ramblings. Trust me. I ramble on and on and on so……remember–keep what makes you feel comfortable! Best!

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  5. Okay, here’s my thought. I like your style, you make me smile, and the current tagline is fine “in my book.” So go with your gut instinct. You are also a part of my assignment today and it’s a pleasure to say “Howdy.” I look forward to seeing more of your writing.

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