James Proclaims (4)

I didn’t think this through at all.

I genuinely signed up for ‘Blogging 101’ to make this a better blog, but then I got all cocky and ‘clever’ and decided that, rather than discreetly following the tasks, I’d be all impudent and witty and openly mock the course like the class clown I always yearned to be…

Oh it got some laughs at the beginning. A few of my ‘class mates’ even joined in. It was all a bit of fun.

But now it’s all gone horribly wrong. Everyone else, while encouraging me to play the fool, has apparently been diligently following the course properly and now we’re coming to the end of the second week (which in ‘Blogging 101’ terms is basically the end of the second year) and the joke’s on me.

The course has suddenly got harder. We’re being expected to build on prior learning. Which is fine if you did any learning in the first place…

I’ve been such an idiot.

Today’s task is:

Write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!



It’s all over, I can’t possibly pass the course now!

I’ll never be a real blogger…

And now for a change of tone…

All of the above is me being insincere. It’s what I do best.

But now a rare moment of sincerity as it turns out I have done all of my homework really.

To date this link is the best thing I’ve read about the noble art of blogging:

So, You Call Yourself A Blogger?

9 thoughts on “Tears Of A Clown

  1. You don’t give yourself enough credit. But on the other hand, you use the tactic of belittling yourself humorously so it works, and I hope you know that. Still, I was glad to read the change of tone. Now onto read your link…

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    1. Self deprecation is an art form. I just wish I was better at it. (See what I did there?). But thanks for the reassurance, I am trying to be funny but until I get the first ‘like’ or comment of the day I’m pretty certain that what I’ve written is dreadful…

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  2. For a second I thought I had a partner in the not completing assignments on time. *sigh* I guess I’m alone after all… 🙂

    Glad I stumbled across your blog as I attempted to catch up on assignments. Can’t wait to see more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I’m that annoying person that says they haven’t done any studying but secretly working hard when no-one is looking…
      Don’t hold it against me though, I’m glad you stumbled by!

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  3. Oh boy … keeping up with assignments others set for you and the ones you set for yourself… is there enough time in the day to do so. I think you’re spot on, being the salmon whose swimming up stream. Loved reading your posts to clarify again I’m in the right class.


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