James Proclaims (4)

This is Humpty.


You might know him better as Mr Dumpty.

But I call him Humpty, because we’re on first name terms.

Humpty and I have been friends since I was but a small child. Humpty was made by my amazingly talented aunt.

My Humpty is not the original Humpty. The original Humpty was an egg, whereas my Humpty is an egg-shaped soft toy made of wool. My Humpty is better because when he sits on a wall, even if he subsequently has a great fall, he doesn’t need any of the king’s horses or indeed any of the king’s men to put him together again.

Which is a relief because, if you’ll recall, neither horses nor men were particularly adept at egg maintenance.

It’s not a surprise really – eggs don’t strike me as a particularly easy thing to repair and horses aren’t notoriously gifted at even the most basic of manual jobs, such as changing a light-bulb for example. Which to be fair to horses, my wife couldn’t do either, when I first met her. She elected, instead, to take a lamp to an electrical shop in order to have the ‘operation’ carried out for her. I have taught her some basic life-skills since then.

Anyway, back to Humpty, and he wasn’t even the first woollen Humpty in my life. My super-talented aunt had one of her own, that I used to love playing with whenever I visited. I loved that Humpty so much that my gifted and generous aunt made me one of my own.

I still have him today and I still love him today even though I am a fully grown man.

Response to the Daily Prompt – Toy Story

16 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Little Friend

  1. Aw bless, he reminds me of the Play School Humpty Dumpty. I still have my black dog Toby, who was the faster runner in the world. Oh and I had a bear rather randomly called Paul Sanders. Which turned out to be one of those things I shouldn’t have said out loud when I worked at TSB in Birmingham with an actual Paul Sanders.

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  2. Homemade gifts are the best… and so meaningful that your aunt made it for you! You should call her and thank her for Humpty. Now.
    (If she is alive. And I hope that she is or this comment is going to make me feel like a jerk).

    I just gave my childhood teddy bear to my son. He covets it, which has been such an unexpected gift to me.

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  3. It’s rather extraordinary that you still have Mr. Humpty. In the hustle and bustle of life, things often get lost or misplace never to be found again. Yet, you were able to keep him. That is amazing. Mr. Humpty is a treasure.

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  4. Hi, I’ve popped by to say ‘hi to a neighbour’ for Blogging 101. I have enjoyed reading your blog, and the anecdote page is my favourite. Especially the humpty story, I blog about family history and have written some posts about my teddy bear, Gregory, who still lives here with me. Keep up the good work!

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