If like me, you have a track record of buying home fitness equipment and not really using it, then this 16kg kettlebell is just what you’ve been looking for.


Unlike that enormous weights bench, which sat in your parents’ garage long after you left home, this kettlebell is relatively easy to transport. A cautionary note, it does weigh 16kg, which is quite heavy if you’re travelling on public transport, but it will fit easily into the smallest of cars, which means that relocation shouldn’t stop you from keeping (and not using) your kettlebell forever.

Also, unlike that massive cross-trainer you once bought, which took up the whole of your living room, the kettlebell can be stored away discreetly, meaning that you never need to feel the resultant guilt from seeing it, unloved and gathering dust in the corner of the room. It can literally be ‘out of sight and out of mind’…

But if you do choose to have it on display, it’s way more ornamental than that rowing machine you bough back when you were in your early twenties and sharing a house in Cardiff. That was rubbish wasn’t it? Do you remember how you set it up so that if faced the televsion so you could ‘row’ while watching the Sydney Olympics on TV? You thought you might one day graduate to a proper rowing team, but then you joined the Cardiff University rowing club and realised just how fit you needed to be. From that point on it was just a matter of time before the rowing machine joined the weights bench in the garage ‘retirement home’…

In conclusion,  the 16kg kettle bell is better than a weights bench, a cross-trainer and a rowing machine, because it’s easier to store, easier to move and significantly more affordable.

Does it actually help you to get fit?

I haven’t got a clue.

17 thoughts on “James Reviews a 16kg kettlebell

  1. I bet you haven’t even BEEN to Missouri, and yet you seem to know about my penchant for equipment, albeit never so large as all that. I currently have a foam roller on the floor, plus a few leg weights. Perhaps this evening…..

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  2. I look forward to future posts such as “James pulls a muscle” and “James and his kettlebell create a hole in the wall”. Seriously though, I do look forward to “James figures out what to do with a 16kg kettlebell”

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  3. As a beginning kettlebell winger and owner of 3 (largest 12 kg), I found this hilarious! Because I have also acquired, in the last 6 months: 2 TRX straps, an 8 pound medicine ball, foam flooring, wall mirrors, resistance bands, a balance board, and adjustable dumbbells. For now I’m using them regularly, but there is always that nagging idea that my basement gym could eventually turn into a well-equipped storage space once again! Oh well, whatever use the stuff gets will hopefully at least contribute to my blogging! 😀

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