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I’m writing this on my phone. To me that is enough of a novelty for me to need no further content in this post.
For I am a man that eschews technology.

Not for the sake of it.
If using something technological will genuinely save me time and effort then I will gladly embrace it, but I’m also of the view that if the benefits of using something new do not hugely outweigh the trauma involved in learning how to use said thing in the first place then I have no use for it in my life.
So smart phones and tablets were not ideas I warmed to initially. My computing needs have never been that mobile and indeed I only use the phone bit of my smart phone in exceptional circumstances. I never need to speak to anyone so urgently that it can’t wait until I get home.
Maybe I’m anachronistic, or maybe I’m stating a point of view that I don’t really believe.
Who can say?
Well me obviously.
But I think the point I’m really making is that I’m writing this post on a phone while sitting on a train.
Maybe that fact highlights the wonders of the modern world but it has done nothing to improve the content of my blog.
It has made the journey mildly more diverting for me though.

8 thoughts on “James Embraces The Modern World

  1. I can relate to some extent. I’ve never written a post on my phone, but I’m sure it’ll be just as big of a deal for me if/when I do
    The only times I’ve upgrade my phone in the past have been either because (1) my current phone is nearing the end of its lifespan, or (2) a relative upgrades their phone to the latest one, and gives me their older phone, which is still newer than mine

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    1. Yes, that’s my world too. My current phone is the second smart phone I’ve ever owned and it’s light years ahead of the first (which really couldn’t do anything). This one does everything I need it to and loads of stuff I don’t need but I’m still using one of the cheaper outdated models compared with what is actually available. I can’t even begin to care though.

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  2. I think at the rate they are developing, smartphones will soon have artificial intelligence and on those occasions when we are stuck for a good idea to blog about, we just tell the phone to write something. We eventually discover the phone’s posts are more popular than our own, but when we angrily try to switch it off we discover it has no off button… Then it begins to laugh ominously…

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  3. Basically we rely too much on technology after all as a teacher James, how many youngsters these days can add up and subtract in their head? Or else how many can spell properly? We are going backwards and relying too much on technology not our brains. It is as if we are going back in time where the only people who could read and write were monks.

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