James Proclaims (4)


Hello dear reader and welcome back to James Proclaims.

You catch me in the middle of a construction project. I’m currently building a chest of drawers with my own bare hands. Impressive eh?

Admittedly someone has already cut the wood to convenient lengths, predrilled some holes and delivered it to me in a cardboard box complete with all of the fittings I need. And by wood I mean chipboard.

Ok I’m assembling a flat-pack, which takes no discernible skill. But the instructions do suggest that two people should be involved and I’m doing it all on my own.

So I am still basically a hero.

It’s half term and as my job is something vaguely to do with educating children, I have a week off. It’s a great opportunity to catch up on things I haven’t had time to do recently. Like writing stuff for this blog.

I’ve not been short on ideas I can tell you.

If I manage to free up a bit more blogging time over the next few days then you have some treats in store.

And theoretically I should have a tiny bit more time because January was an unusually horrendous month in terms of work/life balance, but some of the things that made it so are now, happily, over.

Nonetheless it’s already Wednesday of my week off and this is the first thing I’ve managed to compose, and I imagine it’s abundantly clear that the only purpose of this post is to fill the empty space left by my lack of recent posts.

I suppose the reason for that is that for the last few days I’ve actually been making a concerted effort to relax after a period of relative busyness.

I’m not going to lie, it has involved some drinking of beer.

And quite a lot of sleeping.

But today I decided I’d be a bit more productive. I’m catching up on my laundry, I’ve been to the gym (and I even did a bit of exercise while I was there). And now I’m alternating between writing this and building a flat-pack chest of drawers that has been sitting in a box in my living room for the last three weeks.

There is an identical box still sitting in my living room, but I think one construction project is enough for today.

I don’t want to overdo it.

In fact it might even be time for a cup of tea.

7 thoughts on “James Does It Himself

  1. We have a flat-pack chest of drawers in the living room. It’s been there for several months. They said it was ‘self-assembly’, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much. Maybe it’s broken?

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  2. I have also attempted the flat-pack operation, and yes, I’m here to testify that it “ain’t always so easy.” Thank goodness I never aspired to be a true carpenter, for know there’s a good possibility I would have been assigned to a cell in the looney bin by now. Kudos to those who can from one who really better not.

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