Z Is For Zeal

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Cool Text - Z 180212900812257Z is for ‘Zeal’

I had a tremendous amount of zeal when I started this A-Z challenge but the zeal started to disappear about halfway through when I realised that I hadn’t really thought it through.

Still I’ve made it to the end and I feel a certain amount of zeal about that. Continue reading Z Is For Zeal

Y Is For Year

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cooltext180056382580383.pngY is for ‘Year’

And it won’t be long until I’ve been blogging for a year.

May 10th is my blogiversary.

One year ago I was still contemplating the idea of starting a blog. And now one year on I have a blog that has gone from strength to…


Well it was all going pretty well in August.

It’s been a bit hit and miss since then.

But a year of blogging seems worth celebrating and it’s also helped me fulfil the ‘Y’ requirement of the A-Z challenge.

So come back tomorrow and be mildly disappointed by how I tackle ‘Z’.

But be sure to return on May 10th for my blogiversary party!!!!!!

Which won’t be an actual party obviously.

It’ll probably just be me writing about stuff.




X Is For Xenophile

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Any challenge which involves coming up with words that begin with each letter of the alphabet is plagued by the letter ‘X’.

Aside from xylophone, it’s pretty hard to come up with anything.

So often people resort to just using words with an ‘X’ in them. Like exam. Or exhibit.

But I wouldn’t do that to my readers.

Even if I’ve driven away most of my readers in my dogged devotion to this challenge, despite the fact the anything resembling creativity long since abandoned these pages, the least I can do is come up with a word that begins with an ‘X’.

And so I give you ‘xenophile’.

Which is the opposite to ‘xenophobe’.

It’s something to do with liking the customs and cultures or other countries.

I’m definitely not xenophobic but I’m not certain I quite qualify as a xenophile.

I am of mixed race and therefore inherently the product of numerous cultures but that’s not, I don’t think, the same thing.

I do, however, enjoy the cuisine of many other cultures.

Particularly if they deliver.





W Is For Why

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‘W’ is for ‘Why’. It’s also for ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Where and ‘When’. It isn’t for ‘How’ but there is a ‘W’ in ‘How’.

These are the words we use to create questions. Questions that need answers.

And I have a question about ‘W’.

And my question is a ‘why’ question.

This is my question:

Why is it called double ‘u’ and not double ‘v’ when it clearly looks more like two ‘v’s than two ‘u’s. Continue reading W Is For Why

V Is For Vague

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cooltext179286968328190.pngV is for vague.

I have, in my time, relied heavily on my ability to be vague when it counts.

It’s essentially how I managed to hit the word-count on the essays I wrote for my undergraduate degree.

My assignments  never really said anything but I did use the requisite number of words to convey my total lack of ideas and clearly my tutors thought that was worth something.

And it all added up to a mediocre degree which has served me admirably as I make my way in the world, even if I am a little vague on application forms about exactly how ‘mediocre’ my qualifications are.





U Is For Underwhelming

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cooltext179265865653185U is for ‘Underwhelming’.

‘Underwhelming’ is probably a fair way to describe this post.

It’s almost as if I’ve stopped trying but my stubborn, inflexible nature means I keep posting things for this A-Z challenge even though I can’t really be bothered.

Or maybe this post just feels a bit like I’ve ‘phoned it in’ because that’s what I want it to feel like.

Because my word of the day is ‘Underwhelming’.

Who can honestly say what is going on at this point?

But if reading this leaves you feeling underwhelmed, then it may help a little to believe that’s what I intended all along.

If, on the other hand, this post leaves you feeling overjoyed, you may need to see a doctor.

T Is For Time

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I never seem to have any to do the things I want to.

I’m always busy doing other stuff.

Like work.

Or ironing shirts.

Shirts I wear to work.

Or sitting in traffic.

On my way to and from work.

I think what I’m saying is that work gets in the way of me having time to do other stuff.

But today is Saturday and I don’t have to work.

I could have spent today doing any one of a multitude of things that would make my life better.

I could have started that novel I claim I’m going to write.

I could have studied those languages I claim I’m going to master.

I could have gone to the gym and trained to become the elite specimen I know I’m never actually going to be.

Instead I spent the last two and a bit hours watching Star Wars.

Time well spent.




S Is For Sleep

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I’m something of an insomniac

Except in the mornings.

When I have no difficulty sleeping through an alarm clock.

In the mornings I drink coffee to help me wake up.

In the afternoons and evenings I drink coffee because I really like coffee.

If I drank less coffee maybe I’d sleep better.

But I’d be much worse at being awake.


R Is For Reading

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R is for Reading and also for reading.

When it is written with a capital ‘R’and pronounced as ‘redding’ it’s a town in Berkshire and the place where I live.

When it’s written with a lower case ‘r’ (or uppercase if it’s at the beginning of a sentence) and pronounced ‘reeding’ then it’s the act of decoding the written word. Continue reading R Is For Reading

Q Is For Queen

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cooltext178332954080532Q is for queen.

There are four of them in a pack of playing cards.

There was a band called Queen. They had a few hits. Bohemian Rhapsody was quite popular.

The British head of state is a queen.  People call her The Queen. It’s her birthday tomorrow. She turns ninety  apparently.

It was also my birthday this month. Continue reading Q Is For Queen

O Is For Obvious

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cooltext177924482672315It might seem obvious that ‘obvious’ begins with an ‘o’.

But it is less obvious, to some, that the second letter is a ‘b’.

A lot of people don’t pronounce the ‘b’.

That’s fine, indeed it can seem a little affected to insist on enunciating the ‘b’.

But if the ‘b’ is not heard then the spelling of obvious can, in fact, be less than obvious.

But what is  fundamentally obvious is that ‘obvious’ begins with an ‘o’.

So it seemed the obvious choice for today.

N Is For Nothing

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It might have been funnier if I’d left this post blank.

If I’d written nothing at all.

That might have been the way to go, given that ‘nothing‘ is the subject of this post.

But I already made that joke when I wrote ‘L is For Lazy’

So instead I wrote something.

I wrote this.

In the hope that I might achieve something more worthwhile.

I think we can all agree, however…

…that this is nothing of any value.

Perhaps I need a break.

A whole day of doing nothing.

So I can feel refreshed write something Original when I tackle the letter ‘O’ on Monday.

M Is For Meandering

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You know how some people write stuff but there doesn’t seem to be any real direction to what they are writing? They start but then they don’t seem to go anywhere with it. They sort of make the same point multiple times or they repeat themselves. They try to say the same thing in various different ways. Often they repeat themselves. There’s no logic to the narrative. You never quite know what they are trying to say. There never seems to be an actual point. There’s a lot of repetition. A lot of covering of the same ground. They just never seem to get anywhere. It’s just constant repetition of the same ideas. Really they could say everything they needed to in a short, uncomplicated sentence, that would be concise and not unnecessarily long for no good reason because brevity is sometimes better than long unwieldy and poorly structured sentences that are quite hard to read without losing a bit of patience with the writer, who seems to be almost unaware of how to properly structure a sentence without making it overly long and repetitive. Instead of doing that though, they just churn out longer and longer and longer sentences, offering no new ideas and little content of any value, which just frustrates the reader and makes the reader want to stop reading these endlessly long and boring sentences that just seem to be saying the same thing over and over again, so much so that in the midst of all of the repetition and overly long sentences and poorly structured ideas, the original point is lost somewhere and no-one really knows why the writer bothered in the first place unless all he was trying to do was annoy the people who are good enough to read the trite he produces.

What’s that all about eh?

J Is For James

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Cool Text J 176687424093065

What kind of a narcissist would use his own name as the subject of a blog post? Probably the same kind of narcissist who would name the entire blog after himself.

Then again, aren’t all bloggers a bit narcissistic?

To be honest I’m probably too narcissistic to care whether other bloggers are. Continue reading J Is For James

I Is For Irritation

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cooltext176505231031549Some people might describe me as being ‘easily irritated’. They may be correct in this assertion but they might also want to take a good long look at themselves and see if they could try and be a little less irritating. Continue reading I Is For Irritation

H Is For Haiku

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cooltext176096563121782When I first started this blog, approximately eleven months ago, I had absolutely no intention of writing poetry. But somewhere along the line I seem to have been doing more than my fair share of just that. Continue reading H Is For Haiku

G Is For Games

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Games rhymes with James.

I like rhymes.

But I don’t always like games.

I can tolerate an occasional round of Monopoly, but I find my enthusiasm wanes after a while.

I don’t mind chess either but only really against weaker opponents (of whom there are not many).
Continue reading G Is For Games

E Is For Everything

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E is for ‘envelope’. Today I tried pushing the envelope. All I succeeded in doing was moving the envelope slightly further away from me.

E is for ‘expression’. Perhaps I took the expression about ‘pushing the envelope’ a little too literally.

E is for ‘etymology’. Maybe I should look up the etymology of the expression about the envelope. Continue reading E Is For Everything

D Is For Dictionaries

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Day four of the A-Z challenge and perhaps now would be as good a time as any to stop counting the days.

But not the letters of course, for they are entirely the point of the challenge. And so it is we find ourselves at the letter ‘D’.

I awoke this morning with very little idea how I might tackle ‘D’. There are many words of course, that begin with the letter ‘D’ but none were ‘Distinguishing’ themselves. I was more than a little ‘Disconcerted’. It was quite a ‘Dilemma’. Perhaps I should turn to a dictionary for inspiration, I mused. Then it struck me, the word ‘Dictionary’ begins with a ‘D’ and that seemed a very appropriate thing to write about.
Continue reading D Is For Dictionaries

C Is For Cookie

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Day 3 of the A-Z challenge (cos we get Sundays off apparently) and in my experience the third letter of the alphabet is the letter ‘C’.  So my word of the day is ‘Cookie’.

I have chosen this word so that I can unashamedly highlight the fact that today is my birthday. ‘Birthday’ begins with a ‘B’ and we’ve already done ‘B’ but fortunately my lovely wife presented me with this awesome giant birthday cookie this morning.


Admittedly ‘cake’ also starts with a ‘C’ so a birthday cake would’ve been fine for the purposes of my A-Z challenge, but, and no disrespect to cake at all here, I do prefer a birthday cookie. Continue reading C Is For Cookie

B Is For Blogosphere

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Sometimes people that I know will refer to something I’ve written on these pages. It always takes me by surprise. I do know people read this and indeed I actively encourage it. These are not my innermost private thoughts. Generally not much thought goes into anything I write, (except when I make the poems rhyme obviously) and there is certainly nothing secret about any of this. Continue reading B Is For Blogosphere

A Is For April

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I always enjoy a good ‘blogging’ challenge and apparently April is the month of the A-Z blogging challenge.

The goal, in so far as I can make out, is to write 26 posts in 30 days using the letters of the alphabet consecutively to inspire each post.

Today is day one of the challenge and thus if I’m not mistaken, A is the letter du jour.

Obviously lots of word begin with an ‘A’ so which to choose?

I’ve chosen the month in which the challenge takes place.

April. Continue reading A Is For April