Put It All Out There


Occasionally I like to put together a medley of things other people wrote into what is commonly known as a ‘Found Poem’. I didn’t invent the idea – loads of people do it. I particularly enjoy the work of comedian Dave Gorman in this genre.

I felt it might be an appropriate genre to apply to the Olympic games and have been paying close attention to the media over the last few days.

Watching the  coverage , I’ve been amused by some of the overly-excited commentary at the various events.  So I’ve transcribed and collated a few bits and pieces into the abomination below. As I heard these little insights rather than read them, I’m going to refer to this little effort as a ‘Heard Poem’.

I’ve no idea if it will catch on as a genre but I’ll certainly be listening to sports commentary and news debates more attentively in the future.

I hope you enjoy and bonus points if you can identify the various sports being commented on.

Put It All Out There

It is potentially an enormous moment

Everything that has gone before is now irrelevant

She’s a consonant athlete

At this stage in the race they have to be fearless
This is it
Lay it all down on the line
Put it all out there
There’s a silver medal on the line

They are hanging on for dear life

It’s been a hugely physical encounter
But you don’t want to see any injuries
Especially at this stage of the games
When there are potentially medals at stake

Here it is again
There was no blood
So no need for the spillage team this time

They are hanging on for dear life

Silver is ours
Silver is ours now

Who is prepared to give it all right now?
Right now!

I think this is what we like to see
When big names and it’s really competitive
But then people that you just forget sneak through

And look at the people that are behind

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  1. August 18, 2016 at 9:01 pm

    Yes very good I like it keep at it

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