Shock News – Nothing Is Surprising Anymore

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I didn’t start this blog to discuss politics. I know nothing about politics really.

Aside from what you’d expect a really intelligent person to know. Who is also staggeringly handsome, athletic and charming. I know about as much as someone who’d fit that description. I’m not saying that I fit that description. That’s not for me to say.

But I do. And I’m also immensely modest.

But enough about me.

And more about politics.

Because even if I don’t want to talk about politics, the world just keeps on making me.

I woke up this morning at 6am Greenwich Meantime to the news that Donald Trump was almost certainly going to become the forty-fifth president of the United States of America. By lunchtime of Greenwich Meantime, it was beyond any doubt.

Do you have any idea what it’s like to wake up at 6am in November in the UK? It’s dark and it’s cold and the world seems like it’s going to end. I really didn’t need proof that the apocalypse is nigh before I’d had my scrambled eggs.

What are you playing at America? Did you learn nothing from Brexit? Were you even paying attention? Are we British actually a lot more insignificant to global politics that we’d like to believe?

Ok we probably are.

But if you had been paying attention you’d have realised that the decent thing to do, when you’re going to make a huge electoral faux-pas, is to do it in June, when the weather is nice.

Not November for goodness sake!

I don’t care if your presidential elections are always in November. You should have moved this one.

It’s too cold and dark and miserable for me to process this kind of nonsense.

But this is no time for me to be grumpy.

I’m not actually American, and to be fair, although Mr Trump will still feature quite a lot in the news over here, which will be quite annoying, I don’t actually have to worry too much about him being my president, because he isn’t.

And the world isn’t actually going to end because Donald J Trump has become president.

Well it probably won’t.
It could I suppose.

But let’s be optimistic and say that really, there’ll be lots of safeguards to stop him doing anything immensely stupid and more than likely he’ll just say stupid things while other people get on with actually running the country.

That’s how it normally works isn’t it?

I don’t actually know, but that seems like the way it should work, rather than giving all that power to just one person.

That would be mad wouldn’t it?

And on the bright side, with the whole Brexit stuff happening over here and Trump stuff happening over there, there’ll be lots of material for good quality political satire.

Surely a good bit of political satire is worth having a narcissistic, infantile misogynist in the White House.

But silver-linings aside, I’m sure there are one or two Americans who are a little down-hearted at the news. I went through a period of ‘grieving’ when the whole Brexit thing happened here but I’m completely over it now.

Obviously if I were given the opportunity to spend time in a room with Michael Gove, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson while equipped with a baseball bat, I wouldn’t turn that opportunity down, but basically I’m over it.

And if you’re a down-hearted American you’ll get over it too.

But here are some things that might help:

1. He can’t actually be worse that the forty-third president can he?
2. It’s a brilliant time for being a bricklayer.
3. ‘Trump’ is a word we Brits sometimes use to describe the act of breaking wind.

Some of that may help, but it probably won’t. In reality we’re probably all doomed and all hope is lost.

But it is what it is and we’re all just going to have to get on with it aren’t we?

  5 comments for “Shock News – Nothing Is Surprising Anymore

  1. November 10, 2016 at 9:41 am

    Wait and see, time will tell. It looks like its all down to trumping (English use) bricklayers!!

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  2. November 13, 2016 at 1:07 am

    1. He can’t actually be worse that the forty-third president can he? Yes, he actually can … though I would never have believed it when #43 was bumbling through.
    2. It’s a brilliant time for being a bricklayer. I’m told we already are facing a shortage of bricks–bunkers are popping up all over; bottled water is getting scarce; and Americans are overdosing on videos of cute kittens doing destructive things.
    3. ‘Trump’ is a word we Brits sometimes use to describe the act of breaking wind. Oh, this one helps…immeasurably.
    Thanks, James!

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    • November 13, 2016 at 9:43 pm

      Well good luck. We’ll be watching with perplexed curiosity from this side of the pond…


  3. November 14, 2016 at 9:19 pm

    Is that the picture of.. Oh, ‘Hail Grandpa!’


  4. November 20, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    Agree. #3 helped immeasurably!

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