Today is All Hallows Eve, or Halloween as it known in some circles. It’s a day which overwhelms me with terror.

Though it is not a phobia of phantoms, a horror of harpies or a dread of Dracula that fills me with fear.

I have no worries about witches, warlocks or werewolves, no stress over spirits and spectres and certainly no unease over the undead.

But I dislike the 31st of October for several reasons.

The first reason is the ridiculous pretence that Halloween is a holiday. It is not a holiday. I had to go to work today.

Secondly, I’m bothered by the perplexing notion that because ‘it’s Halloween’ children wearing masks can knock on my door and ask for sweets on the basis that failure to provide them with sweets will result in some kind of ‘trick’ being played upon me. Why does Halloween suddenly legalise blackmail? Normally I avoid this issue by switching off all the lights and refusing to answer the door. I would rather sit in the dark all night than fall victim to this outrageous extortion.

Also, there are no sweets here.

I mean there were sweets here, but I got hungry.

Alas today I have made the foolish error of ordering my grocery delivery for this evening, which means I can hardly ignore the doorbell all night. But I will be most disappointed if, upon opening the door, I am not greeted with an array of essential foodstuffs and am instead greeted by small people covered in sheets demanding treats.

My third reason for disliking Halloween is because it’s the last day of it not being November, before I have to tolerate 30 days of it being November.

November is a dreadful month.

January is also an awful month.

To be honest I only tolerate December because of Christmas.

Ah Christmas – now there’s a holiday. Two glorious weeks off work, fabulously festive food, and people even buy me presents.

Of course, I’m also expected to buy them presents but no holiday is perfect.

14 thoughts on “Supernatural Indifference

  1. I have a humbug left if you’d be like it… 😉
    I LOVE Halloween – totally owned the moves at the school disco last week too (worryingly, as we’re a primary school, we did have a child turn up as IT. Fantastic costume but still… not good for a Y5!)
    I always used to ask the kids for a trick, but they got all kinds of confused and ready to slip into sugar withdrawal if I didn’t cough up the goods. So I gave up. But this year, someone stole my pumpkin 😦

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    1. Well even a Halloween Hater like me frowns at pumpkin theft. But I think you’ll find that humbugs are for haters of Christmas and I love Christmas so I’m not sure I qualify for a humbug. Although I am partial to a humbug now I think about it…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmm, I feel ‘bah humbug’ is a one-size-fits-all response to any grumpiness! I should feel lucky really – in another part of the city, a pumpkin was stolen and promptly launched through the owner’s living room window :/

        Liked by 1 person

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