That Sinking Feeling

This limerick is something I wrote
In work when trying to stay afloat
My quest for buoyancy
Meant metaphorically
Because I’ve never worked on a boat

13 thoughts on “A Clumsy Limerick About Having Too Much Work To Do

  1. Pedantically stripping this one bare
    It doesn’t seem to be factually fair
    if you’d worked on a boat
    you never need to float
    (as long as the boat is still there)

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  2. Allow me to throw you a line
    To help ensure all will be fine
    if you feel you may sink
    perhaps you overthink
    take a breath, swim away from the decline

    Hope you are feeling less sunk. 🙂

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    1. I do overthink but in fact the limerick was poet license insofar as I have felt that way many times but not when I actually wrote it. But good response and apologies for not replying to you limerick with another limerick but we’d be here all night!

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  3. Poor James sometimes can’t stay afloat
    While he works for his meagerly groat
    But there’s no denyin’
    He works hard and keeps tryin’
    Even with comments from an old goat.


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