Best of 2021

2020 was a low point for modern civilisation thanks to a certain pandemic, but a combination of pandemic-induced stress and changes to work patterns meant I found a lot of time and energy to blog. Indeed from the end of March 2020 I blogged daily until the end of the year and in 2021 I continued that momentum so that by the time we were a quarter of the way through the year I had achieved the monumental success of having blogged daily for an entire year.

Unfortunately, although COVID was still very much a thing in 2021, there was a quasi-return to normality and I no longer had the same impetus to blog daily and, as has oft been the case over the years, I disappeared completely from the blogosphere for weeks at a time. However I did rally again in November and the last 62 days of the year saw a return to the daily blogging and low standards that my readers had become used to.

In 2021 I wrote 189 posts. Here are ten of my favourites:

Lockdown 3 – The Miracle Of ScienceJames Proclaims (4)6th January 2021
A Matter Of FactJames Proclaims (8)11th January 2021
Snow DelightfulJames Proclaims (4)25th January 2021
A Poem That Encapsulates My Inner Monologue When I Go RunningJames Proclaims (8)4th February 2021
A Relatively Charming Post About Not Much At AllJames Proclaims (4)22nd February 2021
Come On Wales!James Proclaims (4)28th February 2021
Of Leeks, Daffodils, Cakes And SuperheroesJames Proclaims (4)1st March 2021
Daddy, I Dropped A Wee On The CarpetJames Proclaims (4)23rd August 2021
Rhyme CrimeJames Proclaims (8)26th August 2021
Of Portaloos and PottiesJames Proclaims (4)30th August 2021
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