The Clickbait Posts

In July 2020 I was enjoying a bit of a surge in my blogging stats, something that hadn’t really happened in a while. So I thought I’d capitalize on that ‘success’ by writing some posts with clickbait titles that had nothing to do with the content in order to dupe the unsuspecting souls of the blogosphere into reading my posts. It was all a bit of a joke. But also it kind of worked. I’m not sure what to make of that really.

Massively Increase Your Followers In Three Simple Steps
1st July 2020
Lose Weight And Feel Great In Three Simple Steps8th July 2020
Remember Vincent Montcetti? You Won’t Believe What He Looks Like Now!15th July 2020
Ten Reasons That You’re Underperforming And Five Ways You Can Fix It22nd July 2020
Revealed: Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee29th July 2020
10 Unbelievable Epic Fails Caught On Camera5th August 2020
10 Celebrities Who Have Serious Mental Health Problems – You Won’t Believe Number 4!12th August 2020
The Insurance Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About This Simple Life Hack Which Could Save You Thousands19th August 2020
The Last Post: Why I’m Giving Up Blogging Forever26th August 2020
The World’s Most Difficult Riddle? Only 10% Of People Who Tried This Could Solve It2nd September 2020
You’ll Never Get More Readers Without Doing This9th September 2020
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