After the success of my last ‘Found Poem’, I was fairly keen to do another, but I wasn’t sure what to use as my source material.

Then, like a gift, I was asked to attend Health and Safety training at work (because I’m new, not because I’m a danger to myself and colleagues).

I say gift, but that’s two bours of my life I’m never getting back.

On the plus side I am now fully aware of all the health and safety rules that I continue to break on a regular basis.

So that’s something.

The training was a few weeks ago but I still have (and treasure) the hand-out of the PowerPoint I was given on the day.

All the phrases in the following ‘poem’ were taken directly from that hand-out. Although I have added a little repetition for poetic affect, and ommited several slides, I have changed none of the grammar and punctuation of that which I did include.

Seriously, two hours.

Healthy And Safety Matters

To safeguard:

Employees at work
And others
Such as
Visitors and contractors
Affected by work activities

Everyone has legal responsibilities

Take reasonable care of own and others H&S at work
Co-operate with employer in H&S matters
H&S Matters
H&S Matters

H&S Matters

Not misuse or tamper with anything

H&S Matters

Consult and communicate

All accidents
Near misses
Violence or threats
Verbal abuse

Must be reported

H&S Matters

Accidents are preventable



H&S Matters

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