I’m literally busier than this bee

I’m busy now
Which is a pain
It means I must break
From blogging again

It can’t be helped
Though it is a bore
But I must complete
Some other chores

Rest assured
When my task is through
I will return
And blog anew

In the meantime
There may still be
The odd little missive
Written by me

Because when I’m beset
By jobs I hate
I find that I

So when I find
I’m wasting time
I’ll write a tale
Or perhaps a rhyme

But if I post
Then you will know
That progress for
My task is slow

3 thoughts on “A Blog Post, Written In The Form Of A Poem, That Tells You I’m Too Busy To Blog, But Still Might Continue To Blog, To Avoid Doing The Task That I Should Be Doing

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