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As is the case for most people, it has been a while since I had a haircut.

Not that this is anything new, I’m more than a little familiar with the ‘unkempt’ look. It’s kind of my style really.

Still, even by my standards I’m looking less kempt than usual. It doesn’t bother me, I don’t see anyone anyway. And I have a hat for the occasions I need to venture out.

And Mrs Proclaims says she likes my hair longer, so there’s no problem on the marital front.

Except that she wants to cut my hair.

Not because she thinks I really need a haircut, but because she just wants to play at being a hairdresser.

Now my wife has many talents, she is an exceptionally gifted linguist, a high-achieving academic and a wonderful mother to our daughter.

But she is not a hairdresser. And her claims that she wanted to be a hairdresser when she was a little girl don’t, in my eyes, qualify her for the job.

After all, I had dreams of being a rock star, but I won’t be headlining Glastonbury any time soon. And not just because the festival has been cancelled this year.

So I am refusing to let her cut my hair.

Some might call me belligerent, others may call me vain. And I’m fine with either of those labels – they both are fairly true.

But I’d still prefer to hang on a bit longer.

If nothing else, growing my hair a bit might help to establish more of a ‘rock star’ look, which could, in turn,  secure me that headline slot at Glastonbury for 2021.




29 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

  1. Playing the devil’s advocate, but, well, if you just went ahead and let her do it today (you can wear the hat if you are forced out of the house) then you can let it grow out much longer for next year’s festival when you could become a Rock star. You’re already a Rock star Blogger so it shouldn’t be that big of a leap. Much. Really.

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    1. As ever you’re too kind. I think I’m probably more of ‘supporting act’ blogger, with a small but loyal cult following, but regardless of that, the hair is not for cutting.

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      1. Yes, master. I can be in the cult, right? Or do I need to go through some ritual or other. I have been reading almost every post for a couple of months now.

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  2. I had the opposite problem. My partner refused to cut my hair because she was scared of leaving me with a bald patch while I kept telling her that she was welcome to shave the lot off.

    We finally reached a compromise when the barbers were allowed to re-open.

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    1. I think I’d be ok with her shaving the lot off, I used to shave my head in uni (when barbers were a luxury that would have deprived me of beer money). It’s the fact she wants to ‘style’ it that’s the worry…

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      1. Styling is always a worry. The barber I normally go to just cuts it short.

        Oddly enough, my partner always has an opinion on how good bad or indifferent a job he has done — I honestly can’t see the difference.

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      1. And you’re still married? Kudos!
        It’s been my experience personal hygiene should be just that. While I chop my own hair on occasion,
        I would never attempt wielding sharp objects at my husband’s head.

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