25 thoughts on “How Much Love Is In A ‘Like’?

  1. I feel triggered. Your title is clearly a thinly veiled dig at myself and others, who often just ‘like’ your posts due to a WordPress anomaly that prevents us from commenting. Just because we can’t all show our appreciation in lengthy written accolades doesn’t make us any less valid.

    I demand that you remove the title immediately and issue a cross-platform apology, whilst simultaneously donating your annual wage to a worthy cause. Ensuring your family are fed and sheltered is far too self-serving, so you’ll have to send your money elsewhere. Perhaps to me, with accompanying gifts to say thank you for bringing your social media misdemeanours to your attention!

    And maybe take a course to enlighten yourself. The subject matter I’ll leave up to you.

    #nothingpersonal #justkidding #hatehashtags 😉

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    1. I mostly donate my annual wage to my massive collection of debts but I accept I have crossed a line today and will take a course on the appropriate use of hashtags forthwith…

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      1. Good… it’s definitely a start and I accept you are trying to atone for your behaviour. Erm… *tries to think of a witty hashtag*
        No nothing.
        Is there anymore availability on the course?

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    1. And that’s why the people love you.

      Sorry that sounded insincere, but yours is generally the first blog I read when I wake up in the morning, which is partially due to the difference in time-zones but largely because you do give the people what they want. Often what they didn’t know they wanted…

      Nonetheless to get a smile out of me pre-coffee is no mean feat.

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  2. One of my students once did a poetry presentation and he had decided to present only haiku poems. A whole string of haiku poems really falls flat, especially if it’s a junior high audience. The kids were just kind of puzzled and the presenter began to look quite uncomfortable. I think I was the only one who enjoyed the moment, simply because it was funny. I do like your haikus, James, because they are one at a time and truly fun to read!

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    1. Thanks, I tend to use them as filler posts when I can’t quite find the energy to write anything else so, although I’m often fond of them I find it genuinely strange that they usually end up being some of my most popular posts. But I’m also always grateful that anyone likes anything I write so this one is very much tongue in cheek…


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