Best of 2017

2017 was a much better year than 2016 in terms of blogging. There were still a few blogging slumps but I started pretty consistently and bounced back from an autumn lull on the 31st October by beginning a 200-posts-in-200-days blogging streak that took me well into 2018. It was a magical time.

In 2017 I wrote 135 posts. The best ones are probably the ‘Stuff I Used To Do But Don’t Do Anymore (Or How I’ve Become A Less Interesting Person Over Time)‘ series I wrote between February and April and the ‘Not NaNoWriMo‘ posts that I wrote in November.

But here are ten of my other favourites:

James Complains About Free StuffJames Proclaims (5)16th January 2017
An Awkward Encounter at the Deli CounterJames Proclaims (4)30th January 2017
Pedantic RomanticJames Proclaims (8)14th February 2017
The Will Of The PeopleJames Proclaims (8)1st March 2017
The Future Is BrightJames Proclaims (8)22nd March 2017
SuperJames Proclaims (8)12th April 2017
The Best Of All The PoemsJames Proclaims (8)2nd August 2017
99new-jamproc-34th August 2017
A Lacustrine StaycationJames Proclaims (4)7th August 2017
The Grass Is Always GreenerJames Proclaims (8)9th August 2017
A Beacon Of ConvenienceJames Proclaims (4)15th November 2017
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