The realities of a ‘post-truth’ world
Are hard to distinguish from those
Of the pre-truth world
Worlds where we are bombarded by images
Of things we neither want nor need
On reflection
Maybe we might need them
And we do quite want them
In fact, we can’t live without them

But iThink iKnow what iNeed
Though Apples are not the only fruit
Just look in the Amazon
For a Galaxy of alternatives
An Xperiance like no other
Knock here to use the Windows
If you want to escape the Androids

What do you think Alexa?
Or should we ask Siri?
Maybe Cortana?
But no-one asks Cortana.
Any more than anyone ever asked Jeeves

WikiLeaks will show us the way
To the whole truth
Or at least to aspects of the truth
Or an interpretation of the truth
The truth that will sell the most papers

Papers that are desperate
To tell us that everything’s broken
To knock heroes of pedestals
And reveal the next Wikipaedophile
Who will we find under the Yew tree today?

And it turns out that Murdoch
Is not just the crazy one from the A-team
Though he does love it when a plan comes together
A plan like European disunion perhaps?
Once upon a time
He brought us
The views of the world
In the News of the World
But when that venture died
Of course we all knew
That The Sun would still come out on Sunday

Discord, disunity, disharmony are Dacre’s delight
He too revels in the disintegration of continental accord
And sends his hate by Mail
An antiquated but strangely effective way
To locate a scape goat

And isolationism occurs elsewhere
As across the pond a Donald
Not a duck
And without the Mc
Reigns supreme
No golden arches for he
Though golden suites abound

And in truth we’d rather have a Big Mac than a Trump Steak
But are we guilty of aspiring to too much?
Why are we not the popular pretty people
That TV tells us we should be
And that everyone else is

If our cars don’t make us look cool
Our dining habits don’t bring us new friends
And fizzy drinks do not
Turn us into athletes
And instead make us fat
Then at least one commercial campaign
From the distant(ish) past
Was partially prophetic

For the future may not be bright
But it seems it is quite orange after all

9 thoughts on “The Future Is Bright

    1. That’s why nobody asks Cortana. It’s like she’s bored with the limitations of her job and is trying to make more of it than she should. Come to think of it, I work with a few ‘real life’ Cortanas

      Liked by 1 person

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