Welcome back to Artist’s Corner, the bit of my blog that, of late, has being playing host to some innovative collaborative art projects put together by me and my almost-two-year-old daughter.

If you’ve not seen our previous efforts then I would urge you to reconsider your life choices, but I will also condescend to explain, in rudimentary terms, our ‘method’.

Essentially, I draw a fairly basic cartoon of something my daughter has vociferously demanded. She then adds the colour.

This week Little Proclaims has been experimenting with some new washable felt-tips. They are essentially the same as her old washable felt-tips, but they haven’t run out of ink.

Prepare yourself to be challenged by this week’s powerful imagery as depicted in ‘Pig’:



Then go to the comments section, which is where the fun really begins on these posts…

27 thoughts on “Pig

  1. Once again, Little Proclaims demonstrates adept understanding of the zeitgeist as she draws our attention–with the greater density of markings depicting the almost incidental waste escaping around the mouth and snout of the ‘more equal’ pig–to the evidence of greed and avarice present in today’s climate, as the pig is captured, head freshly raised from the trough and the slops of humanity’s toil are flung around without care, with only very little to become stuck in it’s ear.
    Predictably, only fresh felt tip pens could bring the vision to it’s apt completion with their greater intensity.

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    1. Please note, I do know the difference between ‘it’s’ and ‘its’ but sometimes my auto-correct fingers don’t auto-correct the auto-correct.

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  2. The artist has radically simplified the elements of this work to reflect what he saw as the spiritual order underlying the visible world, creating a clear, universal aesthetic language within his canvas. Pig…. is pig.
    Structurally simple yet rhythmically balanced.

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  3. The choice of colours is the most vital element – in fact they represent the three elements earth, sky/water and fire. There were four elements, but air and water become one as the sea reflects the sky.

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  4. After having spent many long minutes, at least five, studying art, I would have to say that the purple closing the pig’s mouth and attempting to cover its eyes is indicative of the establishment trying to silence the lower classes. That, plus the fact that he is not really smiling leads me to believe this piece should be called, “One Poignant Piggy.” Or Ham.

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  5. I love the subtle choice of colours to depict the ancient breeds:
    Large Black
    Middle White
    Oxford Sandy and Black
    with a touch of blue as she was feeling out of sorts.
    I have only one word to describe this masterpiece:


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  6. I find myself deeply and inexorably challenged by this stunning display of technical mastery and profound moral and social commentary. The piercing gaze of the pig looks deeply into the soul of the viewer, forcing the uncomfortable question of what separates the viewer from the viewee. As a symbol of capitalistic wealth, the pig subtly implores is to reconsider our place in, and acceptance of, the corrupt oligarchical system which governs and manipulates our daily lives. The subtle smudges which adorn the pigs protruding nose leave us with this simple and powerful reminder: if you looked in the mirror you would be very clean yourself.

    Well done.

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  7. I really connected to this picture and was moved by it because I happen to have an extensive pig collection. I’m one of the few women on Earth who doesn’t feel offended when someone says, “I saw a pig today and I thought of you.” In fact, I saw your pig picture today and I thought of myself. Furthermore, I can see that Little Proclaims is definitely developing her skills.

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