Christmas Messages From James Proclaims

Every year, since I started this blog in 2015, I have published a message on Christmas Day. It’s a bit like ‘The Queen’s Speech’ only instead of speech, it’s a blog post and instead of being the monarch, I am just some bloke who writes a blog. Most years I try and schedule the post to ‘go live’ at 3pm, because that is the same time that ‘The Queen’s Speech’ is broadcast. It’s sort of like a rivalry that I have with the Queen, only she isn’t aware of it. Nor indeed is she aware of who I am.

Most people are too busy on Christmas Day to ever actually read them these posts, but I’ve always seen actual readers as a bonus.

Anyway, in case you didn’t catch them the first time around, here they are in all their glory:

A Christmas Message From James Proclaims2015
The Second Annual Christmas Message from James Proclaims2016
The Third Annual Christmas Message from James Proclaims2017
The Fourth Annual Christmas Message from James Proclaims2018
The Fifth Annual Christmas Message from James Proclaims2019
The Sixth Annual Christmas Message from James Proclaims2020
The Seventh Annual Christmas Message from James Proclaims2021
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