Month: March 2016

A Man Most Modest

When it comes to being modest I really am the best I am so self-effacing That I outshine the rest Few could be as unassuming Less desiring flattery My metaphoric trumpet Is never blown by me Though I do have many talents And every right to boast The greatest thing about me is I’m less…

Sick Day

The resentful growl of the slow moving traffic indicated that the city had grudgingly woken up to Monday with the same collective reluctance shared by its morning commuters. Eli could hear the revving motors and the occasional plaintive horn from his bedroom as he made the phone call that would spare him from joining the…

James Complains About Paw Patrol

I’m rarely up early on a Saturday morning. It is usually the day I allow myself a few extra hours in bed after the ravages of the working week. But with yesterday being Good Friday and consequently a bank holiday, I found myself well-rested this morning and thus I was up with the lark. Actually…

An Undertaking Of Sorts

Mrs Proclaims and I live in quite a nice bit of town. We didn’t realise it was an especially nice bit of town when we bought the house because we didn’t know the town of Reading particularly well back then. Indeed we had no idea that Reading had any nice bits.

Unprofessional? Moi?

I’m sorry that I didn’t Read that report you wrote In terms of how to spend last night It didn’t get my vote I had a pleasant evening Went to the pub instead Returned home rather drunk And collapsed upon my bed