Friday is normally my favourite day of the week, but when it comes at the end of a week when I’ve been off work anyway, it’s less of a good thing.

Fortunately, Friday seems to be becoming the day I post my contribution to the ever growing Moodle Army – brought to you by Haylee from Aloada Bobbins. The entire point of the Moodle Army is to draw doodles that make you happy and I was certainly more upbeat once I’d completed this one.

This week’s challenge was to ‘Draw Your Lucky Charm’

I don’t really have a lucky charm but I pondered the theme nonetheless and my response is this:

Lucky Charms Aren’t ‘Lucky’ For Everyone…



12 thoughts on “The Luck Of The Drawing

  1. Haha… knew there was an underlying Clint in there! I may be in a more optimistic frame of mind being a week behind on half term but this has certainly cheered me up enough to get me through the last day of term!

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      1. School is officially out, hurrah! And thanks – yes, hopefully no germs (I got rid of mine this week) and I don’t have to sort out paperwork so might actually find more time to write for fun!

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  2. Thanks – I was pleased with it in an entirely smug and self-satisfied way that is frankly unbecoming. Enjoy next week and I expect to be reading extra blog posts as I sit at my desk ignoring all the new paperwork that comes my way and slowly building up a whole new bag of shame…

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    1. I’ll definitely try my best with the extra posts – I’m even considering another foray into vlog kingdom. I’ll most likely waste time thinking about it though and then realise I never even got as far as getting the ironing done!

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